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Why choose CA as your career first choice- Edugyan

Why choose CA as your career first choice?

Let us close our eyes and think about that you are swimming in an ocean and as you are passing
by, you see far away three stunning islands one is Science Island, and the second is Commerce
Island and the third are Arts Island. So towards which island you will start swimming. The same
happens for all of us here. CA Pen Drive Classes & Google Drive Lectures – Edugyan.

When it comes to choosing a profession or career path, a person starts thinking about salary,
demand, and other benefits of that career.

But before we choose CA as a career, first of all, let’s know something about it.


What is CA?

CA is a short abbreviation of Chartered Accountancy.
In India, CA education and practice are maintained by ICAI.


What is ICAI?

ICAI is a short abbreviation of “The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” framed up by
an act of parliament.
ICAI was established on 1 July 1949 under the Chartered Accountants Act.
ICAI is one of the second largest Professional Accounting & Finance body in the world.
The ICAI is totally in charge of maintaining the quality of the CA courses to be delivered in India.


What CA relates to?

Chartered Accountant’s main duties deal with especially auditing, accounting, and finance
But, they also apply for several areas like Law, Risk assessment, Investment banking, etc.
It even does not matter if you earn a lot after qualifying as a CA, but you will be taken as a
reputed position in society.
Once you took the step to be in this field, you will always feel happy and proud of your
the judgment of attempting CA.

ca pen drive classes
ca pen drive classes

5 Precious diamond rings that CA wears:-


1. Secured Profession:

Chartered Accountant is one of the secured profession that you choose for your bright future.
From an individual to big businesses, all need financial professionals and so it is stable and
secure professions in any country.

2. A great choice of career paths:

Chartered Accountants meets with their success all the way. If it is giant companies or powerful
A Chartered Accountant holds good fame in society.

3. For pursuing as Global Career:

Chartered Accountancy is popular in India and in demand as well, but with this also it has the
same glory in other countries too.
This profession could carry you internationally after CA, you can complete globally-recognized
certifications as per your interest in related fields.
This not only makes you aware of the differences but also allows you to add additional skills,
which will provide better opportunities abroad.
The ICAI Chartered Accountant (CA) qualification helps with a mix of study and a minimum of
450 days of related practical experience gained with your employer. Which shares technical
expertise in finance and accounting along with broader business skills in management, analysis,
communication, presentation, and ethics.

4. Interesting and Exciting work:

People have just made an image that if you are good at mathematics and financial calculations
then and only you can be a Chartered Accountant.
According to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), In May 2019, the CA Final
The pass percentage for both groups I and II was at 7.63% for the old course and 20.85% for the
new course.
As well it says CA exams are hard to crack because only some candidates can pass it. Yes, it’s
true but your hard work can break the wall of passing the exam.

5. Impressive Salary Packages:

Chartered Account is considered in the top list of highest paid jobs in India.
Chartered accountant gets a pretty impressive package in comparison to other professions.
So if you become financially independent and want a high-class stable life then Chartered
Accountancy can be your priority.
On average newly-qualified CAs easily earn up to Rs. 5-7 LPA, and with a better experience, this
the number can increase very easily.

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