EDUGYAN do their best to deliver the products to the customers on given time frame. Generally, delivery time takes 5-7 days, but sometimes it can also be higher due to unavoidable reasons. After ordering, when your payment confirms, we will process your goods. Full details of the order will be send to your email-id. We are a third party online service provider enabling business between you, the buyer, and the seller. In between those roles of delivery, the partner is also important as they deliver your ordered products at your doorstep. Our delivery and shipping channel is much robust and functioning to give you quality products at the fastest pace. However, there could be some hindrance to this process. We are abiding by our shipping policy.

Policies as follows:-
• It is our discretion to decide by which means we will send your ordered product. You cannot direct us to ship your ordered product by a particular delivery channel.

• Delivery process includes various major and minor players. We will strive to deliver your ordered product at the fastest speed, however in the case of any delay we cannot be held responsible for that.

• Once shipping is done, cancellation is not acceptable. However, you will have the option to return the product once you receive it by fully complying with our return and refund policy.

• Shipping and delivery are free at EDUGYAN, however, if you wish to avail of our premium service like next day delivery, same-day delivery, 3 days guaranteed delivery, you will be charged for the same. Additional charges if any will not be refunded in case of return of the product.

• We only ship the product in our country. But there are some places where delivery channels are not possible. In that case, we will be unable to process your order and it will be canceled by our side. No international shipping is done without any fee. Pin code based shipping is done by EDUGYAN.

• We at EDUGYAN process every order within 2 to 3 days; however, it may be delayed due to reasons, not in our hands.



We at EDUGYAN believe in providing quality study materials at the best price. However, there could be some circumstances on our side or maybe your side, due to which you will be forced to cancel the order. Kindly go through our cancellation policy before doing any cancel transaction with us.

Cancellation from Our Side:-
As we are a third party service provided between you, the buyer, and the seller, you would have the right to accept and reject your cancellation request. Our decision to accept and reject is final and we at EDUGYAN will not be forced to state the reason for acceptance and refusal of cancellation. There are some reasons due to which we will be forced to cancel your order.

• Non-availability of the ordered product
• Non-availability of the delivery process.
• Inaccuracy in price information due to human and system error.
• Inaccuracy in product information due to human or system error.
• Unearthing fraudulent and unauthorized transactions by our internal audit team.
Beyond the mentioned reason, any other reason could also force us to cancel the order. In that case, we will provide you a full refund and will intimate via email and message support.

Cancellation from the user side:-
We also believe that sometimes, users may be forced to cancel the order. In genuine cases, we process a 100 percent refund without any question. There are some policies where your cancellation will not be acceptable.

Policies as follows:-
• Cancellation is not possible when the order is already processed and dispatched by our delivery partner.
• Order will not be canceled in the case of any malpractices adopted by the user while placing the order.
• Any promo code/discount code will not be refunded in the case of cancellation from the user side.
• No transaction fee or service fee charged by our banks or card provider will be refunded.



EDUGYAN has a very robust and transparent return policy which is beneficial for you and us at the same time. We follow the following policies while processing your return request.

• In the case of received damaged, defective, not as a described product, you need to get in contact with us via various contact means provided on the website. Call, email, what’s an app, the chat is some of the ways for getting in contact with us. We will accept your return request and the refund will be processed within the stipulated time.

• In case of your return request due to any complaints, we will verify your complaint with the seller and if it is found genuine, a refund will be processed accordingly.

• Before returning your products, you have to confirm that product is in just like the position at which it was delivered to you.

Following policies need to be abiding while returning:-

• Original packaging material, tags, bills, Barcode, Warranty card, and every other accessory received, should be returned without fail for acceptance of your return request.

• You need to return the product in proper packaging so that it may not be further damaged while in transit.

• We try to arrange return delivery from our delivery process partner but in the case of any problems being faced at EDUGYAN end you will be required to dispatch the product on your own. The dispatching fee will be reimbursed from our side.

• Refunds will not be processed after due verification and checks.

• It takes between 7 to 20 days in processing your refund. Within that period your refunded amount will reflect in your bank or card statement.

• If EDUGYAN decides that the said damaged product may be repaired, the same will be dispatched to you again. No refund will be issued in that case.

• No refund of discount or coupon code will be processed from our side while taking your return request.



We are a quality service provider in the field of education and we always adhere to high standards while processing all sorts of requests like order, cancellation, return, and refund. Getting money back in the case of cancellation is a very easy process at EDUGYAN. However, you need to abide by some of the policies mentioned herein.

• No refund will be issued where it is certified by our internal quality team that the product is used by the customer. A refund is only processed in case of an unused product.

• No refund is issued where it is certified that the product is damaged due to negligence from the customer side.

• All the related accessories along with original tags, packaging, warranty card, bar codes, etc required to enable us in refunding you fully.

• Refunds will only be issued after due checks and balances placed here at EDUGYAN.

• In case of cancellation from the user side, EDUGYAN reserves the right to accept and reject your cancellation request. Only genuine cases of cancellation will be accepted at EDUGYAN and further refund process will start only after acceptance of cancellation.

• You must have to contact EDUGYAN within 48 hours of receiving damaged or not as described product delivery. In case you are failed to notify within the stipulated time, we will not be able to process your return and refund request.

• Refunds will only be processed into the default payment method. You cannot change your refund mode of payment. In the case of cash on delivery payment, a refund will be issued in the form of a cheque or demand draft.

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