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Q1: What is EDUGYAN?
Ans: - As you are already here, you righty know the URL to access our Website is https://www.edugyan.org. We are an online portal fully developed and dedicated to students of different genres. We provide pre-recorded lectures & books for CA, CS & CMA courses. We are led by various famous and reputed teams that comprise CA, CS, CMA, ACCA, MBA, and Ph.D. holders. We are nearly perfect in fulfilling the requirements of every student. New technology with modern approached teachers is our USP.

Q2: What to purchase from EDUGYAN?
Ans: - Video lectures in high quality along with physical books or e-book from reputed faculties of India. Books and Video lectures can also be assessed online by purchasing it.

Q3: How are EDUGYAN video Lectures delivered?
Ans: - It depends on the lectures you have purchased. Ideally, it is delivered via Pen Drives/ Google Drives/ SD Cards depending upon the other factors like size of the class, No. of views allowed, Quality of video, and Cost. All our videos are encrypted and can only be played with the help of specially designed software. With the help of software, you will decrypt the videos, thus enabling you to view the videos depending upon your time and preference.

Q4: On what devices can I play the videos?
Ans: - It plays on Windows Desktop PC / Laptop/ Android Tablet/ Android Mobile.

Q5: Can I play the videos on my PC, Tablet, and Phone - all at the same time?
Ans: - No. In an ideal condition, it is not allowed. You need to access the videos only though you're given mediums. Separate keys are provided for playing the videos on different devices. If you have the Keys for a computer, you can only play on the PC. Added on specification should be maintained to view the lectures. If you require access from other devices than the purchased one, you may call EDUGYAN sales for further information. Our team is ready to help you out in any situation.

Q6: Do I need an Internet connection to view the Video Lectures?
Ans: - No, you do not need an internet connection all the time. Our software does not require an internet connection.

Q7: Can I have a demo before I decide to purchase EDUGYAN products?
Ans: - Trial or demo of classes is given on our websites. You may watch and experience the way we are transforming education. So a big Yes to this question. You just need to go to the courses and select the subjects you are interested in. Then view the demo classes and, after that, decide to purchase the full video package.

Q8: What is the delivery time parameter?
Ans: - We are here to deliver you as fast as possible. But there are some constraints which are not under our control. Many macro and micro factors affect the delivery of your purchased products. Ideally, it is delivered within 4-5 working days all over India with our trusted delivery partner's help. Furthermore, we will keep updating you on your delivery status via email and messages, so there is no need to worry about the delivery. We will take care of that.

Q9: - Just received the pen drive. Can I the videos straightaway?
Ans: - As mentioned in the previous question, our videos are encrypted; you will need to install software on your PC/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Smartphone before you can play the videos. The software will be delivered to you along with the Video Lectures, and other help related to any things will also be provided by our team.

Q10: I wanted to know more about any products.
Ans: - We are here to help you, and we are pleased to help you. Just contact us via email of Customer care number. Our email id is hello@edugyan.org, and our customer care number is +91-70602 70607.

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