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CA Subjects Complete List for Foundation, Intermediate, Final Exams – Edugyan

CA Subjects Complete List for Foundation, Intermediate, Final Exams – Edugyan

CA (Chartered Accountant) is a very qualified and excellent opportunity for a commerce graduate as a career option. Nowadays, a lot of people are approaching their children for commerce just to make them apply for CA examinations. CA Google Drive Classes & Pen Drive Video Lectures | Edugyan

The CA examinations are conducted into 3 stages that are very important and crucial for shaping the future of the student. These 3 stages are CA Foundation, CA Intermediate or CA Inter, and the Final Exam. These 3 stages qualify the students in all-round aspects and decide whether he/she is eligible for the designation or not. These 3 exams will blend the thinking of the person according to the requirement of the designation and will make the person realize his/her efficiencies and capabilities.


Subjects included in the CA examinations:-

There are a considerable number of subjects that are included in the CA examinations. These subjects are distributed differently for each stage of the exam, according to the need and necessity of the examination.

The detailed study about the subject distribution of the CA examinations can be mentioned as follows-

  • STAGE 1- CA Foundation Exam:

This is the first stage of the CA examination and consists of basic subjects that create a strong foundation for the students to start preparing for the CA examination. The subjects included in this stage are as follows-

  1. Principles and Practices of Accounting
  2. Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting
  3. Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics
  4. Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge

CA Subjects Complete List

  • STAGE 2- CA Intermediate or CA Inter exam: :

This is the second and a little difficult stage for which the eligibility criteria are the passing of the first stage. This stage has advanced subjects that will help the student to grow their knowledge and qualification. Join Edugyan for CA Google Drive Classes & Pen Drive Video Lectures.

The subjects that are involved in the CA examination can be listed as follows-

  1. Accounting
  2. Corporate and Other Laws- This subject has two parts:
  1. Cost and Management Accounting
  2. Taxation– This subject also has two parts:
  • Income Tax Laws, and
  • Indirect Taxes
  1. Advanced Accounting
  2. Auditing and Assurance
  3. Financial Management and Economics for Finance
  • Financial Management, and
  • Economics for Finance.
  1. Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management– The two parts of this subject are:
  • Enterprise Information Systems, and
  • Strategic Management
ca google drive classes
ca google drive classes
  • STAGE 3- Final Exam: :

This stage is the final and most crucial stage of the CA examination. The complete year of the student depends on qualifying this stage. The various subjects included in this stage are as follows-


  1. Financial Reporting (100 marks)
  2. Strategic Financial Management (100 marks)
  3. Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics (100 marks)
  4. Corporate and Economic Laws (100 marks)


  1. Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation (100 marks)
  2. (A) Risk Management (100 marks)

(B) Financial Services & Capital Markets (100 marks)

(C) International Taxation (100 marks)

(D) Economic Laws (100 marks)

(E) Global Financial Reporting Standards (100 marks)

(F) Multidisciplinary Case Study (100 marks)

  1. Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation (100 marks)
  2. Indirect Tax Laws (100 marks)



CA examination seems to be very tough for the students of commerce in their initial stage of the study. But, if this examination is cleared properly, then it may benefit a lot to the student in shaping a beautiful future where they will settle in top-class and professional companies and will also have a chance to work abroad countries.

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