How to Inject More Fun into Online Studies

How to Inject More Fun into Online Studies: Reinforcing Your Mind to Love Learning?

Today learning became more self-taught; this scenario is backed up by an aggressive increase of online learning. As the whole country now glued to online learning, it’s a massive task for teachers to make this process fun and entertaining. CS Pen Drive Classes & Google Drive Online Lectures – Edugyan.
The present-day scenario left us in a virtual world. Balancing this trend and adapting to the new normal is challenging. While students all over the world are trying to learn online, teachers are playing a vital role.

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How to Teach Online?

How to make online learning fun? Is an impending question lingering in teachers’ minds every day? To give students maximum inputs virtually requires meticulous efforts. However, learning should be an exciting, inspiring, and transcending experience.
If the e-learning platform you choose is not fun and inspiring, you may feel bored and, hence, eventually, opt-out of the program. The main motto is that no matter how important what we learn is, if we are not interested in active learning, it will not happen. Moreover, education should spark your mind, substitute curiosity, and inspire us to be lifelong learners.
The right way to achieve the goals, as mentioned earlier, is to make learning fun! If we enjoy what we do, learning will become more natural and less of a mundane task. Therefore, to keep the spirits high, fun learning should be a quintessential part of our daily lives.

4 Tips for Teachers How to Teach Online: Online Teaching Ideas

Tips to Make Learning Fun

  1. Including more animated slides in the presentation
  2. Conducting intermittent quizzes and games
  3. Giving positive feedback
  4. Encourage to make mistakes

Learning must be challenging and thought-provoking. If learning gets exhaustive, there is a high chance that the student will lose interest and get drifted away. To make things interesting, here are a few tips: –

  • Including more animated slides in the presentation: To seek the students’ attention, this is the most effective way. Including cartoons, emoticons, and conversations will make dry topics interesting.


To spark attention, teachers must include small dialogues with students in between entirely unrelated to the subject. For example, speaking about a book can ignite exciting conversations.


  • Conducting intermittent quizzes and games: – Long sentences and fat content will become dull at the end of the day. However, splitting the material into small segments with quizzes in between will keep students alert and active.


This practice will stimulate the mind, hence shall give a fresh perspective to a boring lesson. Students mostly tend to ignore dry subjects; to gain their attention span introducing small surprise tests in-between will enhance the eLearning process.


  • Giving positive feedback: – Encouraging students with kind words will motivate them to achieve great heights. Positivity encourages a healthy environment; therefore, a student needs nurturing in a favourable backdrop.

To get a deeper understanding, appreciating students’ efforts is very important. There is a saying in Korean, which says, “Teaching a student is like nurturing a garden.” This philosophy is based on the principle that students need to be given care from time to time to grow and prosper.


  • Encourage to make mistakes: – Teachers should encourage students to make mistakes. Failures are the stepping stones for success, hence inspiring students to make a mistake and learn from them is vital. Encouraging them to ask questions instead of reprimanding them is essential for the wholesome growth of the student.

Lastly, giving liberty with specific guidelines can encourage creativity and innovation. After all, a teacher’s job is to provide the best future generation in the world.

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