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How to Write Quickly During the CA, CS & CMA Exams

How to write quickly during the CA, CS & CMA exams

CA, CS & CMA are the world’s most reputable designations. Hence, their exams are quite tough ones, as you can assume. We are going to share with you tips that will help you get past these tough exams. We will share some tips that you need to follow before the exam and also some tips that will help you write quickly in the exam. Take courses on CA, CS & CMA Final & Inter Online Classes here:

Tips before the exam:

Practice, practice & practice-

As the proverb goes- Practice makes a man perfect. We suggest you practice previous years’ questions as many times possible. Doing so, you will be familiar with the possible questions, and also with the patterns of the upcoming exams.

Give mock exams-

There is no alternative to giving mock exams. No doubt you will be highly tensed and stressed on the exam day. The mock exams will help you understand the feel of the exam and get past the tension and stress. The mock exams will not only help you assess your knowledge but also your writing skills.

Be healthy before, at & after the exam-

Take good care of your body; especially before the exam. Eat healthily, keep some time for exercise every day. Sleep a minimum of seven hours a day to keep your mind out of the stress of books.

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Tips to write quickly during the CA, CS & CMA exams:

Relax your hands-

Gripping your pen so hard will add more strain to your hands. Try relaxing your hands and use pens that have moderate grip thickness.

Sit properly-

Don’t sit so close to and over your answer paper. It applies additional weight and pressure on your arms and hands. Try to seat back and straight in a relaxed posture. Release extra pressure from your hands and write quickly.

Use smoother pens-

The smoother the pen rolls over the paper, it also determines how fast you write. So besides the grip, try to use smoother pens.

Improve your writing technique-

The technique is always a major key to success. Even in the case of writing in exam halls, that is true. The best technique you can follow to write faster and quickly is by using your fingers rather than using your wrist.

Utilize your other hand as well-

To get the best out of your exam time, utilize your hand as well. You will need to flip pages, and sometimes erase what you wrote mistakenly. Try to do it with your other hand. This will save you some time.

There are many more tips that will help you write quickly during your CA, CS, and CMA exams. But the above-mentioned ones are the basic ones and easy to follow. Best wishes for the exam.

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