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CA exams preparation –! The Lockdown Style!

In this pandemic, we are going through a lot of stuff but this lockdown has many benefits for students who are preparing for competitive exams. You will have a lot of time for the preparation of the exam and the planning for the exam. CA Inter Online Classes | Google & Pen Drive Lectures – Edugyan.

In this lockdown, you do not have to waste your time on weekends. You can use that time for the best preparation for the CA exam. You can also use many different types of techniques for understanding the hard subjects in the syllabus.

Following are some different factors which you can use for the preparation of exam in lockdown –

  • Planning:

The first step of preparation for the exam is well planning. This is a really important step for the preparation. You have to make the schedule with subjects and time. You have to give the proper time to every subject. You have to study for eight to ten hours a day for getting the great results in CA final exams. You have to aim for the great rank in the CA exam and you have to work hard to get that rank. You have to start the preparation before six to seven months before the exam. It will give you a great time to prepare for the CA exam.

ca inter online classes
ca inter online classes

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  • Strategy:

 For the competitive exam, you have to strategize all your studies in a great way. In the first step, you have to study all the basic concepts before you read any reference book. It will help you to understand better. You also have to study smart in the CA exams. You do not have to study all the subjects or topics but you have to choose the main topics which will come in the exam. Smart work is really important in preparation for the CA exam.


  • Mock tests and revisions:

When you study all the subjects in your syllabus then you have to take a mock test on your own. It will help you to revise your knowledge about all subjects. You also have to collect the previous exam papers to understand the pattern of the exam. It will also help you to understand which topic is important and it will also provide you with information about the weightage of each topic. You will also get the idea of focus topics.

Revision is the last step of the preparation for the CA exam. You have to take three revisions of each topic in the syllabus. From the revision, you will understand which topic is hard or easy for you. After the revision, you can also study that hard part for the last time. It will give you a great rank in the CA exam.


All the above tips and information are really helpful for the preparation of the CA exam. You can use these steps for your preparation and you will get a great rank in CA exams. This is the best lockdown style preparation for CA exams. You can use this lockdown time in a great way for the studies.

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